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Sana Ebrahimi is a Computer Science (CS) senior at Sharif University of Technology. For her thesis, she is conducting research in the field of semidefinite programming as a joint project under the supervision of Professor Nezam Mahdavi-Amiri and Andreas Karrenbauer. Last summer, She was a summer fellow under the supervision of Dr. Adish Singla in the Machine Teaching Group, Max Planck Institute of Software System. For more information about me please see my resume here.
About Me

Research Interests


convex optimization, nonconvex optimization, linear optimization, nonlinear optimization, combinatorial optimization

Sep 20, 2017

Machine learning

reinforcement learning, theoretical machine learning, online learning, artificial intelligence, neural networks.

Jan 01, 2018

Data Science

Feb 10, 2016

Game Theory

Mar 14, 2016


  • Tehran Province, Tehran, Iran